Making A Beeline for Honey


By the time most of you read this, I will be well on my way to Michigan. It’s Honey Time in Zia’s neck of the woods and the Kitchens will be closed this week and next. Sorry for the short notice but the Honey Man is only open for business one weekend every year and once again my calendar comprehension skills failed me. Anyway, Zia and I will be buying a few gallons of honey, enough to keep our family and friends sweet for the next 12 months — we hope.

With no recipe to share, I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce the newest member of my rose garden, a Floribunda Rose, Iceberg Burgundy.

*     *     *

Iceberg Burgundy

“Iceberg Burgundy”

*     *     *

Although it’s doing quite well since being planted in May, there’s a Chicago Winter looming in the distance. If it makes it through this first test, it should do very well after that. Like any new rose to my garden, it will get an extra thick layer of mulch this Fall and I’ll keep my fingers crossed until March.

See you all in 2 weeks.

*     *     *