Hand-Made Pasta

This page lists the hand-made pasta recipes that I’ve shared. Each post offers step-by-step instructions and all but one, Pizzoccheri, uses the dough recipe that the women in my family used. That dough recipe begins the list. To view an individual recipe, just click on the corresponding item in the list.

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Should you have any questions, feel free to leave them here or in the Comment section following the particular post. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


15 thoughts on “Hand-Made Pasta

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  5. Love this.. I have a pasta machine, but have only used it a few times, loved the homemade pasta, but felt like I lack confidence to use it ! It’s great can’t wait to go through more of your videos to give me the opportunity where I’m lacking strength in my cooking !

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    • Warning: making fresh pasta is addictive! You cannot beat the taste and for me, it’s stress-relief. My pasta machine and board are just about permanent features on my dining room table. Sure, I can put them away but I’ll just have to take them out again in a couple of days. You’ll see …. 🙂

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    • Hello! Not being able to see your machine, I don’t know how badly it needs cleaning. Since play-dough hardens, this might make it easier to clean. If it were mine, I’d try to clean it and then make a batch of dough (water + flour only — why waste eggs?) Run this dough repeatedly through the rollers and, if necessary, the pasta cutters.
      I can think of no other way. You certainly cannot use water and I’m leery of using any type of cleaning liquid/wipes for fear of residue contaminating the pasta dough.
      Or, you can buy a new one and let your li’l one make “pasta” with the old, while you break in the new.
      I buy much of my equipment from https://www.fantes.com. No, I’m not on their payroll but I do like their inventory.
      Good luck!


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