This is going to kill me!

"The Scream"

Ever since I began toying with the idea of starting this blog, I never really thought about what it would look like or what recipes would be included within it. I can see now that I’ll never be satisfied with its design and, as for the recipes, I’ll start with  the simple ones and just hope for the best. Put another way, it doesn’t look like there will be any blogging awards coming this way anytime soon.

That was written on my first blog website. Since then, I’ve tried another 2 sites, each acclaimed and each with its own set of advantages. I’ve decided to move to WordPress. To these inexperienced eyes, it seems to be the most user-friendly with the most options — and if I ever learn HTML or CSS it will be even better.  (Don’t count on that anytime soon.) Now that I’m here, I plan on staying here for the duration. So, make yourself comfortable and let’s get started.

Oh! I do need to explain something and I might as well do it now. As much as I would love to supply exact measurements for each and every dish, that’s just not possible. Some recipes were taught to me using approximations — i.e., “a palm of this”; “some of that”; etc. Should you come across an inexact measurement, let Common Sense be your guide and be sure to taste your food repeatedly as you cook. Remember: you can always add more of a particular spice but rarely can you correct a dish when you’ve used too much. Of course, when presenting a bakery or pastry recipe, the measurements will be exact. As they say, cooking is an art; baking a science.

All right. Once I venture into the realm of platitudes, it’s time to move on …

*     *     *