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I am very pleased to announce that our family cookbook, Recipes from the Bartolini Kitchens, is now available for sale. Its photography in B&W, the book features nearly 100 of your favorite recipes from my family and this blog. There are also plenty of stories of our lives in that old two-flat, as well as many as-yet unpublished family photos to round out your understanding of the Bartolini Clan.

The book is available on Amazon in both the US and Europe. If you live outside of Amazon’s reach or prefer not to deal with Amazon, an eStore has been created from which you may purchase a copy and have it shipped directly to your door. If, for any reason, none of these methods suits you, please contact me at and I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out.

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  • Orders placed on will cost $11.95 per copy.
  • Orders placed on will cost £7.95 per copy.
  • Orders placed on,  will cost €11,72 per copy, VAT included.
  • Orders placed on will cost €11.39 per copy, VAT included.
  • Orders placed on will cost €11,55 per copy, VAT included.
  • Orders placed on will cost €11,39 per copy, VAT included.
  • Orders placed through the eStore will be discounted $2.00 and will cost $9.95 per copy. To receive your discount, be sure to supply the coupon code ATWFM8PN during checkout. This coupon will only be honored at the eStore and at no other point of sale.

Please note that CreateSpace, the company I chose to help me self-publish this book, requires that you create an account before making a purchase from the eStore.

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Breaking News

The Kindle conversion has been completed and the cookbook is now available in eBook form on Amazon. You can purchase your virtual copy in the following countries, depending upon where you live :

United States (See NOTES),  United Kingdom,  Germany,  France,  Spain, Italy,  Australia,  The Netherlands,  Japan,  Brazil,  Canada,  Mexico, and  India.

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But wait, there’s more …

What if you do not care to shop at Amazon? No worries. Our cookbook can also be bought at your local Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Yes, that’s right. We’re everywhere!

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If you’ve already purchased a hardcopy of our cookbook in the USA from, the MatchBook service will allow you to purchase the Kindle version for a reduced price. See the webpage for additional details. As of this writing, MatchBook is only available here in the States and I do not know whether AmazonMatch will be expanded to include other Amazon sites.

I have nothing personally to do with your orders or shipping. Hard copies are printed and shipped shortly after the orders are placed. As such, signed copies are not possible. If you like, I can send you a signed stamp that you can place in your book. Please send an email to so that arrangements can be made.

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Please accept my thanks to those of you who have or will a purchase a copy and to all who have so generously offered their support.

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64 thoughts on “Cookbook

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  2. What exciting news. So great to see you on the blog again, John, and hear about your family cookbook. I went and ordered three before I wrote this comment!
    Sharing with everyone I know. Congratulations on a job well done. So happy to read your exciting post this morning with coffee. Best from Ruth in Pittsburgh

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    • Thank you so much, EllaDee. I’m not certain whether the book will be available on Amazon.AU. I know it’s available in Europe but do not know if Amazon will sell it in Oz, too. I certainly hope so if, for no other reason, to reduce the shipping times.
      I’ve not started the conversion process to create a Kindle version. I’ll have to pay to have it done; my book’s page referrals complicate matters. I will wait to decide until after any errors are found and corrected. No sense paying twice for the conversion. I will let you know when a decision is reached.

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      • Ella – Both Booktopia Au acting as Amazon UK will do and even Amazon US is making ‘noises’ as to be deliver John’s Book! Have had the book a week or so and DO love it !!!! [OK! OK! Do not like Kindle!!!]

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thanks, Eha, for the kind words and for the info re: getting the book in OZ. There’s nothing in my material about it and I’m glad you were here to fill in the blanks. 🙂


          • Sadly no matter how I approach it with exchange rate or postage even in AU$ via Booktopia the US$11.95 ends up as AU$35+. I’ll wait and see how you go with Kindle 🙂 The AU/US exchange has called a halt to my online shopping habit.

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  5. My grand kids other grandmother is from Chicago and grew up in Little Italy. Some of her brothers will be here for Christmas. Her father was a chef and owned a bar but she didn’t for some reason get his recipes. I have ordered your cookbook so the kids can give it to her for Christmas in front of the family. Thanks for your effort to preserve these great traditional dishes.

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    • Thank you so much. It’s quite an honor to have my book gifted at Christmas. Since starting this blog, I’ve heard from a number of people who write to tell me that this or that recipe is very much like the one that “Nonna made.” I do hope that your kids’ Grandmother will find my book as enjoyable.


    • Hello, Maria. The conversion is complete and you can now get the Kindle version of our cookbook on in the US. It is, or will be shortly, available on other Amazon websites around the globe.

      Please, if you have any problems, let me know so that I can address them.

      Thank you and have a very warm and festive holiday season!


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    • Sorry, Celia. I just now noticed that I never thanked you for purchasing not one but 2 copies of our book. I did the same. My memory is so bad that I’m a chronic list maker. My grocery list is a waste of time, however, if I forget it on my desk when I leave for the store. With this book on my smartphone, I can look up a recipe and still get something for dinner. I’ll probably have to return to the grocery the following day but at least I’ll eat good that night. 🙂


    • Thanks, BAM, for the vote of confidence. Should you purchase a hard-copy, I can send you a label with my signature. It’s not the same as a signed copy but it will do until we meet in Michigan one day. Of course, I could send you one now but it would look kind of funny if you attached it to your Kindle or tablet. 😀

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      • Loving your cook book! Loving reading about your family stories and of course all of the delicious recipes. You have captured all of the best. Now I can’t wait to get in my kitchen and start cooking some of your family recipes. I know my family will love them. (You know there is just something about through an actual book…however my ipad will do until I head back to Michigan) I am so proud of you John!!!Take Care, BAM


        • So sorry, BAM. I just “found” your comment …
          Thank you so much for your kind words here and on Amazon. Your support means a great deal to me. One of these days, we’re going to sync our Michigan trips and get together for a lunch or dinner. In the summer, though. It’s snowing right now and I’m not about to leave my house. Period. 🙂

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          • Glad you got the message. I know I am so overwhelmed with social media that I can never stay on top of it either. We need a personal assistant! LOL Lunch, summer in Michigan sounds great. Will have to get back to you on our travel schedules.

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