Happy Birthday – Zia

It’s our dear Zia’s birthday and Sheila, our good friend Celi’s star pig, had a party in Zia’s honor. Do take the link to read — and see — all about it.

Buon compleanno, Bella!


One of the Fellowship has a birthday today. We call her Zia. She is the Master Memory behind her nephew’s blog From The Bartolini Kitchens.  Their food is amazing. Her nephew Chicago John gave his Aunt a most unusual Birthday present.  Feeding Sheila for the day.  Zia’s birthday day. So all day today Sheila is having a birthday party for Zia.  And she is going to get as fat as a pig.  Sheila not Zia.  I made them both a carrot cake.  But only Sheila gets to eat it. Though I am sure she would share it with Zia is asked nicely.

Happy Birthday Zia. (Zia is 90 something,  but I  am not at liberty to tell you the ‘something’ as she looks ridiculously young for her age and no-one would believe it anyway.)




pig and cake6





And because your todays are my yesterdays. Sheila posed for Zia’s photo shoot yesterday for today’s blog…

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54 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – Zia

    • Thanks, Ruth. Zia has enjoyed reading all of these birthday wishes. And that Sheila sure knows how to throw a party!
      Glad your WP problem seems to be resolved. Maybe I can expect the same?


    • I doubt if Zia ever expected to be receiving so many birthday wishes from around the globe. Certainly she never dreamed that a pig would one day be eating her birthday cake. You all — with Sheila & Celi — have made this one very special birthday. I really cannot thank you enough.

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    • Thanks, Diane. Comparing their cakes would be like comparing apples to oranges. Zia has a bit of a sweet tooth whereas Sheila is more of a savory girl. Where Sheila had raw pumpkin and kale atop her cake, Zia enjoyed butter cream frosting with sugar roses. 😀


  1. Happy Birthday to your Zia. I can’t think of a better birthday present than a cake for Sheila – what a fantastic pig who poses! 🙂 Much love to Zia from all of us. Her memories make us happy.

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    • Thank you, Margot. You know? I failed to ask her what she was served. Sheila’s party was a big surprise and we didn’t talk about much else. I did prepare her an early birthday dinner when I last visited and that dinner will be posted soon. Stay tuned …


  2. Happy birthday again Zia! Hope you had a wonderful day . . . and may there be so many more to come 🙂 ! Brilliant idea of Celi’s and Sheila must have just loved giving that party since she could eat Zia’s piece of cake also . . . . blessings for the year to come for all concerned . . .

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  3. A very big and warm happy birthday to Zia!!!! I hope she enjoyed the day and wish her one of her best years yet! From all of us Zia…happy birthday. You and John are a big part of our kitchen. Much love!

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    • Thank you so much, Kristy. By all accounts, Zia had a fantastic birthday. Well wishes like yours certainly played a part. Every tme I visit, your family is part of our discussion. We both appreciate and are honored that your family prepares so many of our recipes, especially on special occasions, like Christmas Eve. Mom would be very pleased.


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