Happy St. Joseph’s Feast Day!

Finalmente! Was beginning to think they wouldn’t bloom in time …

St. Joe's Crocus of 2016

Wishing you all a very Happy St. Joseph’s Feast Day!

And now for our traditional musical offering …

*     *     *

*     *     *

If you’re wondering why this, of all songs, was chosen, listen carefully to the lyrics and all will be revealed.

*     *     *


28 thoughts on “Happy St. Joseph’s Feast Day!

  1. uno straordinario fiore per onorare la festa di San Giuseppe, sono lieta che anche in USA si conservino le belle tradizioni italiane…ricordi che qui da noi si festeggia con frittelle e bomboloni? ( oltre che con la gara ciclistica Milano SanRemo…ma non so se sei un appassionato)
    buon San Giuseppe caro John!!!

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  2. Happy St Joseph’s Day John! Here it is almost over . . . but trust you will wear something red tomorrow and have Pasta con Sarde on the menu, followed by sfinci of course – or will it just be your beloved cannoli 🙂 ? Love your music choice . . . well, he did come well before me, but I actually remember Louis Prima . . . oh, and am so glad the beautiful blossom did open for you . . . have a wonderful weekend!

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  3. Love the Louis Prima – makes me want to watch Big Night. Perhaps pasta con le sarde is an option… Didn’t realize it was a traditional meal for today. (Jeez, I wish I were Italian by blood!)

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    • When you looked up pasta fazoo, I’m sure you learned that it’s an east coast derivation for Paste e Fagioli, pasta & beans. It just so happens that I’ve a great recipe for this stick-to-your-bones meal and it’s become a favorite of my Zia. I make it for her whenever we’re together. Just click on the recipe name that follow: Pasta and Bean Soup
      I hope you do make it. You’re in for a real treat. 🙂


  4. Belated greetings to you John! Was with my dad yesterday and he was remembering with a chuckle being in Roma for illustration día di San Giuseppe as in the centre the set up a kind of fair along a mainstream and for hime the highlight was his favourite – the doughnut stalls! He said he used to make his way along the street trying out as many as he could afford ☺ Loved the song xx

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  5. I don’t know nearly enough about St. Joseph’s Day. I see in the comments about wearing red. I’ll have to become more informed! I love the song and hearing Louis Prima is a treat. And the crocus? Gorgeous, John. I hope spring is here to stay!

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  6. I love the Italian tradition of celebrating St. Joseph! Such a wonderful story behind the wonderful spread of food that is offered!


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