Mother’s Day, 2017

Mothers Day Tulips - 2017

*     *     *

The Kitchens wish all Moms,

Whether their kids have 2 legs or 4,

A very much-deserved Happy Mother’s Day!

*     *     *


16 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, 2017

    • Pet kid!?!?!?! How great to hear from you! I see there’s been some changes around your home, with your brother off to college and Tuck off to a new home. It was a very smart thing to do, finding him a good home.
      Max is fine, although he’s slowing down a bit. He’s still a “wild man”. He just takes longer naps between his crazy spells. 🙂
      Take care and good luck finishing the school year. High school next fall, eh? Now THAT’S exciting!

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      • Hi John!! Great to hear from you!! Good to hear that Max is doing well. Has he been swimming recently? I’m looking forward to high school next year – it will be a good but fun change. Hope to hear from you soon and that you have a great summer. 🙂


  1. Hi John. Looks like you’ve been enjoying summertime with delicious food and trips to see flowers and Your favorite baseball team.
    Have a good week. I’ve been overwhelmed with news of the world.
    Best from Ruth in Pittsburghxxoo


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