Mother’s Day, 2017

Mothers Day Tulips - 2017

*     *     *

The Kitchens wish all Moms,

Whether their kids have 2 legs or 4,

A very much-deserved Happy Mother’s Day!

*     *     *


23 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, 2017

    • Pet kid!?!?!?! How great to hear from you! I see there’s been some changes around your home, with your brother off to college and Tuck off to a new home. It was a very smart thing to do, finding him a good home.
      Max is fine, although he’s slowing down a bit. He’s still a “wild man”. He just takes longer naps between his crazy spells. 🙂
      Take care and good luck finishing the school year. High school next fall, eh? Now THAT’S exciting!

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      • Hi John!! Great to hear from you!! Good to hear that Max is doing well. Has he been swimming recently? I’m looking forward to high school next year – it will be a good but fun change. Hope to hear from you soon and that you have a great summer. 🙂


  1. Hi John. Looks like you’ve been enjoying summertime with delicious food and trips to see flowers and Your favorite baseball team.
    Have a good week. I’ve been overwhelmed with news of the world.
    Best from Ruth in Pittsburghxxoo


  2. John, Just heard from our friend down-under that your back to blogging. Bravo for your return and Bravo for the Octopoda post. Have the pressure cooker, but not sure I can find the fresh eight legged rascal to cook. But, today is fish monger day at the square and I’m headed down to see if he can get one for me.
    Looking forward to your next post, as I can readily procure fresh goat over here.


    • Well, Ron, the plan was for me to start blogging after the first of the year. Some virus had other plans, unfortunately. Nevertheless, I’m far better now and, as you know, have re-resumed blogging. Now to get rid of this comment backlog …


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