Happy St. Joseph’s Feast Day!

St Joe's Day - Crocus

*     *     *

Wishing you all a most happy and festive Holiday commemorating

the Feast Day of St. Joseph.

*     *     *

*     *     *


27 thoughts on “Happy St. Joseph’s Feast Day!

  1. sei sempre molto attento alle ricorrenze caro John! grazie mille
    lo sai che qui in Toscana questa festa si dice ” San Giuseppe frittellaio”? è tredizione fare frittelle di riso, o di mele, frato o bomboloni con la crema
    felice domenica amico


  2. Happy St. Joseph’s Feast Day! I just came across an interesting St. Joseph’s in Arbo (Spain), where they feast on lamprey. Apparently it’s a very tasty fish, though very unpopular on the Great Lakes, as it feeds on trout and other popular sports fish.

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    • Scrolling past after St.J’s Day noticed ‘lamprey’ – I can assure you that it is a VERY tasty fish: the only food I would have as a small child in Europe when down with measles, mumps and chickenpox 🙂 !


  3. Viva San Giuseppe John! My wife is making the pasta today and spent last night making the fava/chickpea/cauliflower/fennel mixture to go with it. St. Joseph rolls are on the table and I’m forcing myself not to eat one!


  4. And a happy St. Joseph’s feast day to you as well, John! Just love that song by Deano — it’s one that I know all the words to. It’s playing as I write this, and I must say, it’s giving this dull Monday morning a lovely lift.


  5. My dad loved Dean and that song in particular. Our spring flowers came out early and paid a price for doing so! Have a great week John!


  6. Belated St Joseph’s Feast Day greetings to you, John! There’s no better way to celebrate this (or any other) day than with the über charismatic Dean Martin singing “That’s Amore”. What a wonderful way to start a Saturday morning. 🙂


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