The Kitchens are Powerless

Shortly after 8:00 am, the Kitchens lost their DSL service and it will not be restored until Wednesday, October 17th, at the earliest. In the interim, my access to WordPress, let alone the Internet, will be severely limited and painfully slow. This post  took 45 minutes to prepare.

Thank you for your understanding.


45 thoughts on “The Kitchens are Powerless

  1. Oh John! So sorry! Those of us in need of a Bartolini fix can always stroll through your kitchen of prior weeks. In the meantime, you keep the pot on and continue taking photos. We’ll wait patiently…wishing you luck and speed!


  2. AHK, my worst nightmare! I reluctantly updated my iPhone 4s to the new operating system and within one hour of doing so it went dead. I am usually the IT head in our house but for some reason I was at a loss to get it going. I plugged it into various cords and computers without luck. I felt totally isolated without my trusty iPhone for 2 hours until JT came home and turned it on (of course it worked for him!) I can only imagine how brutal dial-up is, I cannot believe that it was the way we used to access the net, not so long ago. Good luck John, speedy recovery to your service.


  3. Sorry! I can wait for the plum cobbler. You know what they say, the longer you wait the better it is when it comes. Or absence makes the heart grow fonder.



  4. Hang in there John! It may have stopped for now; but you have so many other delicious recipes to check out on your blog to keep us busy! See you soon!


  5. Uh oh my readership will be down if they know this fact! I have followers who really are Chicago John comment followers. They will all be wanting to know where you are?
    One reader’s suggestion is to get an iPhone to be in touch at all times.


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