Gone fishin’

Opie's fishin'

*     *     *

Well, not exactly but the Kitchens will remain closed this week.

My good friend, Miss C, is on holiday across The Pond. Before leaving, she asked that I write a post with some tips for anyone traveling in Italy. That post is being published today and you can read it by clicking HERE.

Celi’s blog describes her life on a sustainable farm at the edge of the Prairie, about 100 miles south of Chicago. If this is your first visit there, I suggest that you begin with her page “The Cast“, where you’ll be introduced to the animals that regularly star in her posts. After that, take a walk around the “farmy” with Celi through her posts. It’s time well-spent and I can guarantee you’ll go back for more.

*     *     *

Comments have been closed for this post. I plan to return next week with my meatloaf recipe. Have a great week!

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