A Thanksgiving Wish

The Bartolini Kitchens have closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday and weekend. We wish our American Friends a wonderful Holiday and may Everyone enjoy the rest of the week.

The Kitchens will reopen next week with not one but two posts.

*     *     *

Coming soon to a monitor near you …

Riddle me this …

*     *     *


44 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Wish

  1. To you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving too John…

    if we ever meet I have a Blessed John Paul story, he performed a miracle in my life, no he really did…I have a little shrine in my kitchen to him…

    and I love the picture of your doggie with Santa, oh that face is precious…


    • I’ve been away from the blog for a week and this was certainly a nice surprise to find waiting for me. Thank you, Susie, for the nominations and kind words. I really do appreciate them and feel honored. 🙂


  2. Hi John! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and are enjoying a great weekend! We’re thankful for your blog, friendship and of course your delicious recipes! 🙂


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