End of the Harvest Hot Pepper Relish (GF)

This was not the best year for my garden. You already know about my zucchini troubles but those were only the beginning. My tomato plants, as well as those of my neighbors, just didn’t do well. Yes, I harvested cherry tomatoes but nowhere near as … Continue reading

Trenette with Zucchini Blossoms & Cream

Trenette con Fiori di Zucchini e Panna *     *     * Ever notice that if someone asks whether you’ve spotted something unusual, something you’ve only seen rarely, if ever, that suddenly it becomes commonplace? Say, for example, you’re asked if you’ve ever … Continue reading

The Incredible Edible Eggplant

*     *     * It all started innocently enough, with a blossom identical to the one pictured above. I had learned my lesson well, or so I thought. See, last year’s 2 eggplants were just about smothered by my tomato plants. The … Continue reading