There’s something about Mary …


Happy St. Joseph’s Feast Day!

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77 thoughts on “There’s something about Mary …

  1. We need a Love Button! “Like” doesn’t begin to say how much! Thank you John! (I’ll probably hear in the morning that I’d been humming this in my sleep!) Loved it!

    • Thanks, MD. I don’t know what constitutes a “saffron” crocus but they do market them and they bloom in the Fall. Some things I do not mind buying instead of growing my own. Saffron would be one such thing. :)

  2. I’m raiding my closet for a clean white wifebeater as I type…where’s my Brylcream? I can’t go out today without my Brylcream!!! Time to shower then hit the streets lookin’ for a rumble……that’ll get me hungry for a spicy meatball at lunchtime. Maybe that lazy Mary will be awake this afternoon in time for a ride around town on my hog and then we’ll have some gelato before hitting the bowling alley, then a game of 3 Card Monte with the boys at the pool hall. Ah…Happy Monday!!

  3. The song brought a smile to my face as it reminded me of my childhood and the type of songs my family used to play at parties and familiy gatherings :)

    • Thanks, Karen. I hoped this song would strike a chord with some and it seems to have worked. Crocus remain one of my favorite Springtime flowers. Love that they appear when all around them is still brown and maybe even snow covered. Enjoy your day, too, Karen!

  4. I’m up and dancing around. What a happy song. Can’t help but dance and laugh as well. I’m glad I’m home alone I must be a funny sight. Listened to more than once. Thanks for sharing. HAPPY ST. JOSEPH’S FEAST DAY!


    • I am so glad today’s song moved you to dance. For many of us, this is a celebratory song that we heard as children at weddings and the like. God to nkow the song hasn’t lost its magic! I hope you have a wonderful St. Joseph’s Feast Day!

  5. I have no idea what the song was about, but the tune made me smile. As with opera, I don’t understand the words, but I can feel the mood of the song and I like that. Great Monday morning lift. :D

    • Hi, Judy. There’s a brief part of it in “British” but it leaves far too much untranslated to be of much value. Worse yet, there are any number of variations to the song. The chorus seems to remain the same but so much of the rest is almost left to chance. Still, my intent was to give you all a smile to start your day and it looks like I succeeded. Have a great rest of your day!

    • I agree with you, Mandy, about the “British” translation. I know little enough Italian and this song is in a dialect I’m not at all familiar with. Still, whether or not you understand the lyrics, one cannot help but smile as it plays. Have a great day!

    • Thanks, Sharyn, I love seeing crocus bloom this time of the year. And you’re right about using the bedsheet as table linen. That would be enough to make me start a cleanse. Have a great day!

  6. I have always loved this song and now I can´t stop playing it! Saint Joseph´s Day is also father´s day here, which I think is lovely. So now I´m going to ring my dad to wish him a hapy day!

    • Hi, Tanya! I’ve been expecting you. This is one of those quintessential Italian songs that was played at every celebration, from christening parties to weddings — and late in the night following a few funerals. I’ve another version and it’s lyrics are different for those of this one. No matter, I chose it because it is such a cheerful song, just perfect for the occasion. I’m glad you liked it and hope you have a great day and your Dad a wonderful Father’s Day. :)

  7. Oh I am going to learn this song–I’d better stick to English, though. I want to sing this regularly and charm my little gals! They love it when I sing what to them sounds like “funny” songs, but I love the merriment and joy in this little ditty! The melody is going to be in my head all day today and I think that’s just a wonderful put-a-smile-on-your-face reminder! Thank you! Perfect for Monday…every Monday, not just St. Joseph’s Day :-) Debra

    • It’s a great little song, isn’t it, Debra? The thing about it is that its lyrics aren’t set in stone, by any means. I’ve other versions and although they do not contain a translation like the one I shared today, you can tell that they’re singing different lyrics at times. I don’t think there is a “right” way but it does make finding a definitive translation harder to find. Still, the idea of your Li’l Ones singing about Lazy Mary is just too cute! We must make this happen! :)

  8. Very cute little tune, but sadly I did not understand the Italian bits and the British bits didn’t capture what the food references were about! We had a couple of small crocus’ last weekend, but this weekend they were in full bloom, just gorgeous. These spring days make me SO HAPPY!
    Happy St. Joseph’s Feast Day!

    • Don’t feel bad, Eva, I’ve no idea what much of it says either — and we’re not at all alone. It sounds to me to be in Sicilian and that’s different from the dialect Mom & Dad spoke. For me, it’s remembering the merriment that always accompanied the song. It always meant “Party!”

    • Thanks, Norma, and you’re not alone. Every copy I’ve found for this song has different lyrics and each in its own dialect. For me, it’s more the spirit than the actual words. It’s a party song, to be sure.

  9. I listened to the first few seconds and immediately stopped, then forced Liz to listen and translate for me. She kept on saying she knows the song and then remembered that they used to play it that the Mets games when she was growing up. Too funny. Hope you had a great St. Joseph’s Day my friend!

    • Well, you’re one up on me. I can only understand a few words. This isn’t my parents’ dialect, or even close from what I can tell. Nevertheless, glad you both enjoyed it and hope you’ve having a great St. Joseph’s Feast Day!

    • I had hoped this little song would be a smile-producer, Kay, and if it helped you on a “rough day”, all the better! I hope the rest of your evening goes much better than your day. :)

  10. Hilarious!! Well, this certainly turned my mood around 180 degrees! How could you not smile and tap your toe to that one! Love that she uses sheets for the table!! Or, should I say, he does:) I like that Lazy Mary’s attitude!!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed today’s musical selection, Barb, and even more pleased that it helped to brighten your mood. This is in a dialect that I do not understand. If those little snippets were about the sheets, the table and her smoking in bed, I wonder what fun might be found in the rest of the song? I have to find a Sicilian! :)

    • Glad to be of help, Sawsan! I wouldn’t mind using a bed sheet as a table cloth if it came from the linen closet. But a used sheet? I think I’d go hungry! :)

  11. I’ll have to recomment later on the video as I’m at work and unable to view! And based on all these comments, I’m so curious! But I love the flowers, so dearly. You have no idea how much I miss the first spring blooms. You’d think living in tropical land with flowers year round would be paradise (and it is) but I really miss the changing of the seasons!!

    • Thank you, Charlie Louie. I made a mistake and an errant posting went out. It was very kind of you to drop a line to tell me something wasn’t right and I do appreciate it. I’ll be more careful next time!

  12. What are you doing? Its not wednesday! Wednesday is your day! I put it aside specially! I can’t find ruthie either (actually i do not understand ruthie, didn’t tanya just find her in her luggage?) plus i cannot play your song (crap connection) I am sorry i said crap.. crap is a bad word and i should not say it but i do have a .. um an .. a bad connection so i get no fun! (sigh) … no lambies yet… c

  13. How I missed this on Monday is beyond me but I am glad to find it now as a little cheery lullaby!
    I will have to do a pingback to this post. Those are some healthy looking crocus but
    I for one am not into eating flowers out of the garden,what with the feral cat populations I don’t even harvest mint for tea anymore- have sampled Zucchini blossom fritters and nasturtiums in a salad.

    • You’re not alone, Ruth. More than a few just weren’t expecting a post from me on a Monday. No matter. Glad you found it and liked what you found. For many of us, this was the Party Song played at family parties and weddings. It’s a real smile producer! :)

      The flowers are in honor of St. Joseph. One of the legends involving him is that his staff flowered as a sign to Mary that he was the one chosen to be her husband. Being she was single and pregnant, choosing the wrong man could have resulted in her death by stoning. In many portraits, iconic images, and statues, St Joseph carries Christ in one arm and flowers or a flowering staff in the other.

      • Thanks for the flowering staff info and I will look more carefully at St Joseph. I had not known that before. You were good to point out the staff in the bread photo,too.

        Definitely a smile producer- the song!

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